More Freedom Less Taxes Less Dependency On Oil

There Is No Perfect Plan But Possibly Better

Ways Of Getting There ;

Any of the following is flexible and suitable for

going up or down in scale, to be tailored

to each persons individual needs.

As simple as I can explain :

It’s about a more logical way for America’s

survival, America’s prosperity.

First let me point out that all of the following

tools, ideas, and inspirations found here are not

new to much of the world but have a need to

be connected as possibly never done before.



A weed call Moringa or as some refer to as the

Moringa Tree can be turned into methane gas.

Methane gas can be used to run generators. 

Generators can power compressors to power

air tools which are cheaper to buy, run, and

safer to use. There are very few mechanical

shops that can’t be run entirely by air compression.

Now consider the following ; 

A million pounds of food can be grown on three

acres of land using a method called Aquaponics.

With that much food you could feed a small army,

or just turn most into methane or what we shall refer

to as biogas.

Now back to Moringa , moringa is amazing in itself

having many wonderful life giving qualities ….however

if you need fuel more than food consider the following.

Moringa is an invasive species meaning it will grow like

crazy …but not in America ….it’s just too cold here.

My solution to that would be grow it in underground

greenhouses named ” Walipini ” with compost for

extra warmth in winter seasons.

Next there is the problem of getting enough

light to areas that may be just to dark in this

type of greenhouse , so now we move on to

the next idea …” REFRACTED LIGHT “.

Here are links to get you started :

#  Biogas

#  Moringa

#  Aquaponics

#  Walipini

#  Refracted Light

#  Air Tools

Plus A Few Ideas You May Also Profit From :

#  Rocket Stoves

#  Fresnel lens

#  Can It Be Done ?

#  Something More



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