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A Divided America Can Not Stand

Originally social security was to be funded by a trust fund ( of employee

and employer taxes ). It was not to be part of the general fund taxes

( general fund taxes are separate ! ) …at least according to Ronald Reagan.

As noted in a speech he is known for on u-tube. If anyone wants to see it

right here it is :

But wait there’s more !

A wake up call ?

All leading up to this !

We can’t go back to the old times because during World War 2 we literally

blew the competition away. Now all these world wide police actions are

coming back to haunt us because we don’t have the dough , the rest of the

free world is laughing at us behind our backs as we have sent our youth off

to die. In a nutshell America has become to big for it’s britches …it’s time

for us to come back to earth.

I pray that God endows America’s leaders with the sense to be more

flexible and open minded to change before we truly do go over the

edge …Amen.