Rebooting America For Success

A free grassroots bootstrapping program

for Americans feeling left for dead.

I have lived in the rust belt all of my life. My people
go to churches for used but not abused clothes.
Used cars are in real demand. We use Nuwave cookers,
Eden Pure heaters, we coast and go very slow in our cars
when others aren’t around. LEDs are the choice of the poor
at night.Movies for a dollar from Red Box and pickin at flea
markets has been the style since the crash of the 80’s.
I go to a dental clinics where trainees get their start.
I buy older foods for a bit of a savings but never dented cans.
I never take vacations and once in awhile I eat out. But when
I dine my water and ice box is not far behind.
To All Young Americans You Can Do Better !
It’s time for Americans to rally despite our differences of race
religion and creed. Alot of people overseas hate us and we
will never change their minds no matter how hard we try.
So possibly a better way to go would be to boot strap
ourselves out of this overall mess. I have listed a few sites
as positive resouces here and other matter you would be
well off to know about. Thanks for looking :)


America has had it’s teeth kicked in with an economy wrecked by an unscrupulous banking industry. It has endured the countless loss of jobs, jobs so that evil men could make even more money by forced child labor  overseas. America has been pounded by the most intense weather events making world news that has left the lives of many Americans in a shambles.Many of America’s  own children ( 1 out of 6 ) don’t know where there next meal is coming from. It’s time for Americans to rally despite our differences of race, religion and creed. Alot of people overseas hate us and we will never change their minds no matter how hard we try. So possibly a better way to go would be to boot strap ourselves out of this overall mess. I have listed a few sites as positive resouces here and other matters you would be well off to know about. The following blog has been tailored to that end. I believe that there is something here for every American and it’s allies who honestly care for America’s welfare.


Who Will Rescue America ?

American rights @ risk on video

plus a few views of my own for digging out

at the end.


Taking the American Farm To The Next Level !


What do you want to do today?  Discover the expert in you.


We Can End Dependency On Arab Oil, We Must !




For Those Who Like…to do it yourself and more.




Start Failing Just As Soon As You Can The Sooner The Better !


” Food Recovery Network “

The Food Recovery Network unites students at colleges and
universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering
surplus perishable food from their campuses and surrounding
communities that would otherwise go to waste and donating it
to people in need.

Company Overview
The Food Recovery Network is a collaboration of students at
a variety of universities – currently University of Maryland,
Brown University, Pomona College, and University of California,
Berkeley. It has already donated over 50,000 meals which would
otherwise have gone to waste, valued at over $250,000.


My Thoughts on Micro Loans

What a creative , respectful , just right thing to do . 

” How to Make a Micro-Loan To Causes ” YOU ” care about !


A brillant man I failed to connect with.


Sink Your Teeth Into the Free Web Library

A traditional college experience seldom fits the lifestyle of an independent thinker.


Habits of Wealthy People


My heart breaks for recent insane killings in America however

after a great deal of consideration :


Yes you with XXXL shirt at age 23, we need to talk.

I’m not on this guys program but he got me back

on track, Thank God !


The feature film “ Forks Over Knives “ examines the
profound claim that most, if not all, of the
degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled,
or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.


Share this with with your children they need to know.

Nearly Half Of Americans Die Without Money, Study Finds


Rare wisdom on Women , Very Rare.

 It’s extreme rare to find this kind of wisdom, young men take note.

 Visit Without Delay !


Even the wisest get hurt, get wiser, do your home work.


Billions of spam emails are sent every day. Many of which

are Phishing attempts trying to steal personal information.

How to spot an email Phish and avoid becoming a victim.


Team Work Is Not A New Concept !




Intelligent Money and Household Management


The Innocence Project was founded in 1992 by
Barry C. Scheck and Peter J. Neufeld at the
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva
University to assist prisoners who could be
proven innocent through DNA testing. To date,
289 people in the United States have been
exonerated by DNA testing, including 17 who
served time on death row. These people served
an average of 13 years in prison before
exoneration and release.


Stand Up and Be Counted If Your In The 99 % of America

( Make It Real : Occupy Your Voting Booth and Limited Terms

for All Fat Cats )

Dare to make It Personal !


A shockingly sad report on how US veterans are being denied

property that was set aside decades ago just for them.


How American students could improve their grades overnight

with one small attitude adjustment !


In Hot Pursuit of a Cold Blooded Killer ,Cancer.


America currently has 1 out of 6 kids not knowing if they will eat tonight  😦


Seriously Funny Video About Fun ? :) ?

I promise this will make you do a double take ,

I’ve watched over and over. Such a short video

with so much too offer. I’d really like to shake

the person’s hand that made it. It made me step

back and think in earnest about the direction my

life is headed in. Trust me after you watch it

you will have an opinion, and I’d love to here

it both pro and con.


Got a big family, plan ahead with this idea.


How many out side of America are living happy well into 3 digit years  🙂





The girl you just called fat has been starving herself & has lost 30 lbs.

The boy you called stupid has a disability & studies 4hrs a night.

The girl you just called ugly spends hours putting makeup on hoping

people will like her. The guy who you pulled his underwear down as

a joke, was raped by his uncle as a child. There’s a lot more to

people than you think.

Put this as your status if you’re AGAINST bullying.


As Americans we have the opportunity to speak out better than anybody

on any subject are heart desires. Got a site that you feel belongs

here , let me know !


Empowerment can come from people sharing what stirs their

passions. Stumble Upon is just such a place.



This site happens to be the foundation for ” Who Will Rescue

America ? ” I hope you will give this much consideration.




Regards, Brother Scott Gibboney


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