Resources To Rescue You First

Welcome to the main link for ” Who Will Rescue America ? “,

This project is for your benefit , it is an awareness program. As the

author of this blog I will not profit from any of this. Rather I provide people with

knowledge and tools on how to improve the standard of living for people in

America and beyond. Please review the links or none of this will make any sense.

Although the event is called ” Who Will Rescue America ? ” many of the components

of this program could help just about anyone from any country. That is why at time

time I would like to invite anyone who has an interest in America. All are Welcome.

Why I came up with this.

I have lived in the rust belt all of my life. My people go to churches for used but not abused clothes. Used cars are in real demand. We use Nuwave cookers, Eden Pure heaters, we coast and go very slow in our cars when others aren’t around. LEDs are the choice of the poor at night.Movies for a dollar from Red Box and pickin at flea markets has been the style since the crash of the 80’s. I go to a dental clinics where trainees get their start. I buy older foods for a bit of a savings but never dented cans. I never take vacations and once in awhile I eat out. But when I dine my water and ice box is not far behind.To All Young Americans You Can Do Better !It’s time for American to rally despite our differences of race religion and creed. Alot of people overseas hate us and we will never change their minds no matter how hard we try. So possibly a better way to go would be to boot strap ourselves out of this overall mess. I have listed a few sites as positive resouces here and other matter you would be well off to know about. Thanks for looking  🙂 

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