Getting America Back On Her Feet


America has had it’s teeth kicked in with an

economy wrecked by an unscrupulous banking

industry. It has endured the countless loss

of jobs, jobs so that evil men could make 

even more money by forced child labor

overseas. America has been pounded by

the most intense weather events making

world news that has left the lives of many

Americans in a shambles.Many of America’s

own children ( 1 out of 6 ) don’t know

where their next meal is coming from 

This site is a bootstrap program for America

as an alternative program for the

current Occupy Movement.

This site was created to create a wave of awareness and.

positive networking for Americans or any one that cares. 

about America, Amen.

Please Continue On To This Site :

God Bless America !

Love In Christ,

Brother Scott Gibboney


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