Why America Must Git Er Done !

Americans can’t afford to assume that we will
be a superpower for decades to come. Via arrogance,
greed,and poorly thought out tangles of regulations
that supress new business in America.
Add children that have no idea what a healthy meal is
and we are about to slip into a financial death sprial
that no political party can rescue us from !
Americans are not free to invent or do as they hope,
Americans are prisoners and these are the ideas will
bring our shackes to light. Other countries will
overtake America’s economy with ease if we fail to learn
from them now.
Them being countries such as India and China.
America’s best ideas don’t come from presidents they come
out of American basements. Ideas that companies try to steal
in the name of intellectual property. The ideas that everybody
says ” I knew that. ” but never get around to it !
Failing to ; Git Er Done ! Listen to this BBC Broadcast of what the
1% has failed to grasp ! Some have called it ” Frugal Innovation ”
and America needs some ASAP !


Also view ; my thoughts on rebooting America via bootstrapping.



May God have mercy,

Brother Scott Gibboney

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