Getting America Ready For Bad Times


Regardless of who Americans place into office at this point we are

headed for the biggest depression ever. The poor will suffer the most

regardless of all the smoke and mirrors.

Hold on tight as….it’s about to get ugly….we are past this point of no

return… we are trillions in debt and not all the tea in the world will

will bail us out.

To All Young Americans and Allies of America You Can Do Better !

It’s time for Americans to rally despite our differences of race religion

and creed. Alot of people overseas hate us and we will never change

their minds no matter how hard we try. So possibly a better way to go

would be to boot strap ourselves out of this overall mess. I have listed

a few sites as positive resources here and other matter you would be well

off to know about. Please visit :

On a personal note :

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