Don’t Send In The Clowns They’re Here

Subtitle : Whose Side Are They On ?

Both sides of congress are flooded with bribes from

lobbyists. Want proof go watch Frontlines report on ” College Inc ” .

It’s a documentary that can be found on Netflix.

18 men and women on both sides of the aisle signed a

request for the Secretary of Education Duncan urging

to soften his ” gainful employment ” rule change  !

Bribes another name for donations. Billions of tax dollars

flowing with zero accountability. All with minimum regulation,

as told by Bark Nassirian, Lobbyist, Traditional Universities.

Wall street has managed to purchasing community college

accredidation which is valued at 10 million ten year to achieve.

Their turning alot of schools into ” profit schools “. Their filling a

badly needed educational nitch but  robbing students blind in

the process. Their turning colleges into a fast food like system

that could put our nation at risk in many ways. First many of the

students  aren’t even ready for college but they will accept live

bodies. Second the students are being sold inferior classes of low

standards.  Students are being mislead by the thousands and

falling head long into debt.  For profit schools are twisting the

truth telling people that schools for profit students have less than

a  10 % default rate. But what these investors aren’t telling is that the

numbers only include a two year period. Sady I wonder how

many students realize student loans are the most collectable loans

ever,  there is virtually no protection from the government taking

all they have ! ( For the time being this will  make our leaders and

Wall Street wealthy at the risk of America’s economic failure. ) If you

factor in America’s credit problems and the defaults on students

loans we are talking about 2 Trillion dollars of America being in the

hole. ( Soon to be outdated I’m sure ! )

So Now What Do We Do , Please Click Here I Have A Great More To Say !

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