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Why America Must Git Er Done !

Americans can’t afford to assume that we will
be a superpower for decades to come. Via arrogance,
greed,and poorly thought out tangles of regulations
that supress new business in America.
Add children that have no idea what a healthy meal is
and we are about to slip into a financial death sprial
that no political party can rescue us from !
Americans are not free to invent or do as they hope,
Americans are prisoners and these are the ideas will
bring our shackes to light. Other countries will
overtake America’s economy with ease if we fail to learn
from them now.
Them being countries such as India and China.
America’s best ideas don’t come from presidents they come
out of American basements. Ideas that companies try to steal
in the name of intellectual property. The ideas that everybody
says ” I knew that. ” but never get around to it !
Failing to ; Git Er Done ! Listen to this BBC Broadcast of what the
1% has failed to grasp ! Some have called it ” Frugal Innovation ”
and America needs some ASAP !

Also view ; my thoughts on rebooting America via bootstrapping.


May God have mercy,

Brother Scott Gibboney


Getting America Back On Her Feet

America has had it’s teeth kicked in with an economy wrecked by an

unscrupulous banking industry. It has endured the countless loss of jobs,

jobs so that evil men could make even more money by forced child labor 

overseas. America has been pounded by the most intense weather events

making world news that has left the lives of many Americans in a

shambles.Many of America’s  own children ( 1 out of 6 ) don’t know where

there next meal is coming from.

It’s time for Americans to rally despite our differences of race, religion

and creed. Alot of people overseas hate us and we will never change

their minds no matter how hard we try. So possibly a better way to go would

be to boot strap ourselves out of this overall mess. I have listed a few sites

as positive resouces here and other matters you would be

well off to know about. The following blog has been tailored to that end.

I believe that there is something here for every American and it allies

who honestly care for America’s welfare.


Scott Gibboney

Reaching Above Politics To Your Personal Best

Currently with a non ending bitterness, two

parties back biting as usual, and all to

obvious lust for power I simply fail to see

much value in the moronic quest to be president.

I would like to offer more than a few

thoughts to young people no doubt dazzed and

confused. Some thoughts on turning off the

boob tube and getting to the root of America’s

proplems on some very personal levels.

Listen long after the dust settles and somebody

wins that so called prize of leadership ask yourself

” He’s in the oval office living it up on champagne

and caviar, so seriously where does that leave

you ? ! “


Please Visit :



Brother Scott Gibboney

Understanding, Overcoming, The US National Deficit

Think the national debt is beyond the average voter’s understanding.
No way, here are two must watch videos for the average America.
The first will tell you how we got into this mess. The second video
is a beautiful plan that just make sense.
First a fair and balanced history of the crisis.

Second a solution to our national deficit.

Third, some solutions to empowering all Americans
and allies that care for America’s welfare

Getting America Ready For Bad Times


Regardless of who Americans place into office at this point we are

headed for the biggest depression ever. The poor will suffer the most

regardless of all the smoke and mirrors.

Hold on tight as….it’s about to get ugly….we are past this point of no

return… we are trillions in debt and not all the tea in the world will

will bail us out.

To All Young Americans and Allies of America You Can Do Better !

It’s time for Americans to rally despite our differences of race religion

and creed. Alot of people overseas hate us and we will never change

their minds no matter how hard we try. So possibly a better way to go

would be to boot strap ourselves out of this overall mess. I have listed

a few sites as positive resources here and other matter you would be well

off to know about. Please visit :

On a personal note :

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